More and more people around the world are beginning to see the reality of fast fashion. A continuous buying mentality that unfortunately has serious consequences for our environment. The fast fashion business model is responsible for large quantities of low quality clothing. Many fashion products today are designed specifically with short-term ownership and quick disposal in mind. Thousands of products therefore end up in landfills every year.

But we can change this by buying slow fashion products. In this blog post, we will talk about why it can be a good idea to use an environmentally friendly backpack.

What makes a backpack sustainable?

First, let's look at what actually makes a backpack sustainable. In order for a backpack to be considered sustainable, it should be made of sustainable and environmentally sound materials to reduce, among other things, waste of resources. This could, for example, be material extracted from recycled plastic materials.

Now that we know what to look for, let's talk about why you should invest in a sustainable backpack.

  1. Sustainable backpacks are practical

Backpacks have long been one of the most practical bag variants you can choose from. Backpacks are not just for students anymore, but are also practical when you go on small trips, on holidays or simply want to transport your laptop around the big city. Backpacks are often spacious and good for keeping your things organized. A bonus of backpacks is that they are often designed in a way that allows for even weight distribution and prevents you from getting back and shoulder pain.

  1. Sustainable backpacks are durable

We are all aware of another pitfall when it comes to fast fashion; the quality - or lack thereof. The whole point of high street brands is to produce trends as quickly as possible and at as low a price as possible. The result? Poor quality and the bag you buy probably won't last long either.

Sustainable backpacks, on the other hand, are often of high quality, as they are often handmade, rather than mass-produced. In addition, they are often made of materials that last a long time without wearing out. At the same time, they are also often made of waterproof materials, which also helps with durability.

  1. Sustainable backpacks will save you money in the long run

It almost goes without saying, because when you buy high-quality goods with a good shelf life, you also inevitably save more. Shopping from fast fashion fashion brands is a cheap solution, but the products must be replaced more quickly with a new product. The bags break faster at the handles or straps due to poor workmanship. With sustainable brands, you are most likely to choose products that are sewn by hand and quality controlled. With a product designed to last as long as possible, you see the product as an investment.

It can be a good idea to choose a sustainable backpack with a timeless design, which ensures that your bag can be used year after year without it becoming outdated.

  1. Sustainable backpacks are environmentally friendly

The leading reason why you should use a sustainable backpack is of course the environment.

Many natural resources are used to produce textile products. In addition, many products end up in landfill. They often consist of materials that are not biodegradable.

Therefore, look for backpacks that are made of natural materials, such as natural fibers and recycled materials. You can also look into whether the company offers plastic-free packaging and CO2-neutral delivery to minimize their footprint.

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